For Hubcv Members:

What exactly is HubCV?

HubCV is a platform that will bridge the gap between its members and their dream education while also making it easier for them to understand where their talent lies. 

With the help of our patent dynamic resume generation and reports updated by the management, it becomes easier for the hiring team to find suitable candidates to recruit.

How do I create my own Hubcv App account?

You can create your account with your email id or phone number by putting your basic details like your name, location, and professional information for the suggestive explore section to work better.

Do I need to link my bank account to use it?

No, you don’t need to link your bank account if you are a student or are looking for jobs.

Will Hubcv Service work on my mobile device?

Yes, HubCV is a mobile-friendly application and works on all Android & IOS versions.

Is it available in my country?

It is only available in india for now.

What are the fees involved?

A small service fee is applicable for profile assessments and college applications. Whereas creating an account, browsing through the Hubs and job applications do not include fees.

How do I cancel my account?

You can either disable the account so that your profile is hidden to the members in the network. Or you can also cancel your account via settings after which all the data will be removed within 30 days of inactivity.

For Schools, Colleges and Businesses:

How can I create a hub (Admin) account?

The admin account is created via Hub app (app Link once live). Where you can register your  hub and our team will activate within 48 HRS of the request sent.

How do I upload my hub events, subjects and job?

I can upload new hub events, subjects and jobs via Hub (admin) App. The members update the past events in their resume via the Hubcv app. They will be added as alumni for the activities uploaded where you can remove the alumni that are not verified by your hub.

How do I view an application for a job or course? How do I show the availability for the application?

When you create new events, subjects or jobs. You can select how many slots are there in those pages. Based on the slots open, members can apply for that particular page and you can approve the application from the Hub (admin) app.

Can I Charge Application Fee or Make The Application Free?

Yes, You can charge members for the application or make it for free. The applicable charges can be set up by you.

For Faculties and Managers:

How do I get assigned to an event, subject or job channel as an admin?

You get assigned while creating the event, subject  or jobs by the admin of your Hub.

What can I do as faculties and manager of a channel?

You can upload all the reports of your members in your channel. Reports like Assignment or Tasks, Exams or Tests, Attendance or Logs. These reports are updated to the member’s CV where it gets viewed by the recruiters or they can export their CV during their interview.

What will the faculty or manager benefit from this?

Member pay premium fee per channel where the channel manager can set an amount to be charged to update the dynamic CV of their members